Southern Oaks United Pentecostal Church

 Pentecostal Church


You will find Southern Oaks to be a Christ centered church with preaching that is practical, powerful and biblical. Our ministry will consistently encourage and equip you to take the next step in your spiritual advancement.


   Our church campus is located just 1/2 mile north of Interstate 240 on Walker Avenue, making it easy to reach from around the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. 

* In ear Spanish translation is available for services conducted in the sanctuary.

Please observe the following guidelines for the safety and peace of mind of those who attend during the current situation

1.  Every other pew is closed for the purpose of distancing.

2.  All classrooms, nursery, fellowship hall and kitchen are closed to the public.

3.  Avoid congregating in areas other than the sanctuary. 

4.  Immediate families should sit together as much as possible.  Other individuals should keep a minimum of 6 feet between yourself and your neighbor on the pew.

5.  The offering plates will not be passed for a collection.  For your convenience baskets will be placed in the narthex to receive your offering at dismissal time.

6.  Outside sections in the sanctuary will exit through the side doors into the hall to keep down congestion at the main sanctuary doors.

7.  The pew you are assigned in the sanctuary will be your worship and prayer spot. There will be no invitation given to come to the front to pray.

8.  Hallway and restrooms will be restricted to a number of persons at any one time.

9.  Doorways that are accessible will be kept open so that all may pass through without handling the hardware of the door.

10. Please obey any instructions given by the ushers.  They will be on duty to assist us.

Persons who are considered high risk or especially vulnerable are advised not to participate  in person at this time.
It is recommended that persons wear masks when entering and exiting the facilities.