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Youtube Scheduled Meetings

Sunday, 10 AM - Adult SS Lesson

Sunday, 7 PM - Praise and Preaching

Wednesday, 7:30 PM - Bible Study

Additional online events will be announced via text messaging, Facebook and Twitter.


Sunday School Lessons at Home for Kids

10 Tremendous Sundays 2020

Easter, April 12 - 10 AM ONLINE!  Join us for Easter around the City!

Mother's  Day, May 10

Pentecost Sunday, May 31

Freedom Sunday, June 7

Father's Day, June 21

God and Country, July 5

Friend's Day, August 2

Grandparent's Day, September 13

All Nations Sunday, October 25

Christmas Celebration, December 13


The Southern Oaks United Pentecostal Church partners with missionaries on every continent of the earth to assist in carrying out the great commission of Jesus, to go "into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15).  Our commitment to Global Missions extends beyond sending finance,  we have full time missionaries under appointment with the United Pentecostal Church International from this congregation. 

The Jonathan Parker family is currently UPCI missionaries residing in eSwatini.  For information or to make a donation click "Parker." 

The Gerald McLean family is currently serving as UPCI missionaries to Nigeria.  For more information or to make a donation click "McLean."

Our pastor, Mark Parker is presently the coordinator for Strategic Advanced Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) in the Africa Region of the U.P.C.I.  He also serves as a Global Missions Board Pastoral Member for the U.P.C.I.  He has ministered in 21 nations on the continent of Africa as well as nations in the Pacific and Central America/ Caribbean.

At Southern Oaks' our priority is to "preach the Gospel to every creature" at home and abroad.