Southern Oaks

United Pentecostal Church

October 28, 2018

The year was 2015.  Jeanna was at work the evening her coworker, Nancy got a alarming call that her granddaughter who lived in Alaska had to be flown mediflight and taken to Anchorage.. Before Marley had turned 2 years of age, she had been diagnosed with cancer.  The doctors had located not just one tumor but multiple tumors.  Things were not looking good for the Nancy’s granddaughter.  Jeanna took it upon herself to pray for this child and her family.

Marley had been sent to St. Jude’s Hospital in Tennessee for several months for the treatment of her cancer.

This was the year that the North American Youth Congress was in OKC.  In one service prayer cloths were made available.  Kayley received a prayer cloth with the intention of using it for her grandfather, but she gave it to her mother to use for the need of Marley.  

Kayley and her mother prayed, they requested prayer for Marley at our church.  Remember that was 2015.

Here is a picture of Marley now at home in Alaska with no cancer.  The baby with multiple tumors before she was 2 years of age, has no tumors and no cancer today.

This is a testimony that there is no God like our God and no name, like the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  To God Be the Glory!

SEPTEMBER 16, 2018 - Victory Report

At Harper’s two-month well child check-up, her pediatrician heard abnormalities in her heart. She referred us to a cardiologist at OU Children’s. We took our two-month old baby into the echocardiogram thinking they would find a basic heart murmur that was so common in newborn babies. The technician concluded the test and excused herself from the room. When she returned, the head of pediatric cardiology at the Children’s Hospital followed behind her. He began to tell us that Harper had two murmurs that were typical like we suspected. But then he went on to say, she also had a congenital heart defect called Pulmonary Stenosis, which was far less common. Essentially, her pulmonary valve was too thick and not passing enough blood to her lungs. He said we would never see symptoms of the condition until it was incredibly severe, and her level of severity was a step below severe. He assured us he wouldn’t let her get that far, but that we should prepare ourselves for her surgical options. He advised that our next step would be a heart cathto expand the pulmonary valve. He said that if that didn’t work we would then do a valve replacement, which is an open-heart surgery. He was clear that she would have a cardiologist throughout her life, and valve replacements may happen multiple times as she aged. He recommended she come back at 6 months for us to reassess and decide what course of action we would take.

But we prayed. Every night before bed we would pray God touch Harper’s heart. We would take her for prayer at church, and we asked friends, family, and church family to pray for a complete healing of Harper’s heart.

On Thursday, we went back for her six-month cardiology follow up. Harper underwent multiple tests and exams. The same cardiologist who had advised of our surgical options came back to meet with us. He began to describe the results of her tests. He started with the two holes were completely closed. There was no sign of them at all. He then went on to say that the tests showed her defect was so “trivial” that it had no effect on her whatsoever. Her valve was working normally, and her lungs were receiving plenty of blood. Surgery was no longer necessary. He said to treat her like a child without a heart defect because she was functioning like a child without a defect. He said he would see her again when she was three years old, but that would likely be her last cardiologist appointment.

To God be the glory!

October 21, 2018

She had suffered a foot injury a couple years ago resulting in wearing a boot cast for many weeks.  Sometime in the past few weeks she felt she had injured her foot again as she was suffering great pain.  Her doctor scheduled an MRI suspected broken bones in her foot.  Joby began reading about healing and praying faithfully for God to heal her foot as she did not want to face wearing the boot again.  One evening when laying down to go to sleep, she was uttering her prayers to Jesus and felt her foot "pop."  It was as if whatever was wrong Jesus Christ had suddenly corrected it.  The pain was gone.  Although she believed the result would be good, she went to the MRI that week and it confirmed that there was nothing wrong with her foot. 

To God Be the Glory!